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They’ll pick you up in a Humvee right at your casino door! From the trenches of World War I all the way to the current operations in the Middle East, Battlefield Vegas has over 350 different weapons systems for you to choose from. From hand guns and pistols to fully automatic rifles, sub-machine guns to belt-feds and .50 calibers, they have it all!

Packages & Pricing

Black Ops Gamer Experience:

Based on a popular first-person-shooter video game, the Black Ops package puts you in real life action as the first person shooter. Trade in your video game controller and headset for an AK-47, Uzi, MP5, and a Colt Commando.

MP5K: 25 rounds
UZI: 25 rounds
COLT M4: 25 rounds
AK 47: 25 rounds

$159.99 per person.

The Swat Experience:

Just like you’ve seen in the movies, on TV and in the news, fire the identical weapons used by elite SWAT teams across the US! From a sniper rifle to a Glock pistol, experience what members of SWAT teams use when they’re hunting down the bad guys.

GLOCK 17: 20 rounds
MP5: 50 rounds
REMINGTON 870: 5 rounds
REMINGTON 700: 5 rounds

$159.99 per person.

Seal Team Six Experience:

From Grenada in 1983 to present day operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Seal Team Six is the most popular of the US’ four secretive counter-terrorism and Special Mission Units (SMU’s). This unit works with the DOD, CIA, Joint Special Operations Commands, and others to tackle the toughest highest priority missions all over the globe.

Gear up with the latest and greatest weapons used by Seal Team Six on that famous May night in Pakistan where an Al Qaeda compound was raided and Osama Bin Laden was brought to justice Navy Seal style!

SIG P-226: 20 rounds
MP5 SD: 25 rounds
M4 CQBR: 25 rounds
M-249 SAW: 40 rounds

$214.99 per person.

GI Jane Experience:

The weapons in this experience were assembled by females for females. These will still get your pulse elevated and your blood pressure going but without all the recoil and “kick”. We’ll save that and the testosterone for the fellas! Though milder in recoil, all of these weapon are used by US military and operators in conflicts around the world.

SIG P-226: 20 rounds
MP5 SD: 25 rounds
M4 CQBR: 25 rounds

$120.00 per person.

The D-Day 1944 Experience:

The Normandy landing was an allied force invasion against Germany during World War II fought on a 50-mile stretch of French coastline. Using over 5,000 ships and 24,000 airborne troops, allied forces took control of the beachheads at Normandy which were broken up into 5 sectors: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. The term “D-Day” was used to mark the day of the actual landing (6 June 1944). Picture yourself at these famous airborne and amphibious landings and get some rounds down range with the actual weapons used by allied forces while storming the beaches of Normandy.

COLT 1911: 15 rounds
M1 GARAND: 24 rounds
THOMPSON: 50 rounds

$129.99 per person.

The Platoon Experience:

Use the weapons that a rifle platoon from the 25th Infantry Division deployed during the Vietnam War would have used. Put yourself in the boots of the US Army infantry as they fought toe-to-toe with NVA and Viet Cong troops.

COLT 1911: 15 rounds
M-79 grenade launcher: 2 rounds
M-16A1: 25 rounds
M-60 LMG: 40 round belt


Private Ryan Experience:

This package is based on the famous movie of American soldiers scouring France days after D-Day and the landings at Normandy. This package will let you see what kind of firepower the young American soldiers had behind each trigger pull when moving across Fortress Europe to defeat the Nazis. Fire the weapons used by the American soldiers throughout the movie.

Colt 1911: 15 rounds
Thompson M1A1: 25 rounds
M1 Carbine: 25 rounds
M1 Garand: 8 rounds
M-1903A3: 5 rounds
M-1918A2 BAR: 20 rounds

$220.00 per person.

Modern War Gamer Experience:

Just like the popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare video game, we give you the opportunity to shoot a variety of weapons from those used in the mean streets of the middle east to the abandoned airfields of the Russian Federation. Put down your Playstation controller and arm up with a SCAR, M4, G36, and the AK-74 and “Level Up.”

COLT M4: 25 rounds
AK 74: 25 rounds
FN SCAR: 25 rounds
H&K G36: 25 rounds

$194.99 per person.

Little Giants Package (.22LR)

At Battlefield we don’t understand the words “too young” or “too small”. Firing pistols and full-auto machine guns is not just for the adults. Let’s get those little guys and girls throwing some lead down range just like they saw Mom and Dad do! (Minimum age 10)

SIG MOSQUITOE: 20 rounds
WALTHER P-22: 20 rounds
MPI-69: 40 rounds
M-16: 40 rounds

$109.00 per person.

Wild Geese Package

These weapons were used by British mercenaries and their Soviet-backed counterparts during their campaigns throughout Rhodesia in the 1960’s and 1970’s. This movie brought to light the very real and very deadly Rhodesian Light Infantry that were out-gunned, out-manned and ahead of their time.

UZI: 25 rounds
CZ 26: 25 rounds
STERLING:25 rounds

$99.00 per person.

Counter Strike Extreme Package:

If you’re a gamer then you’ve had to at least once in your life picked up a controller or grabbed a keyboard and spent a little time behind the classic first person shooter Counter Strike. This extreme package lets you get your hands on most of the guns that have been offered on Counter Strike and even other games to include Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty: Ghosts and the successful Battlefield series of games.

17 different weapons. Ask for details.

$695.99 per person.

Four Star General Package:

This package is designed especially for the elite shooter who wants to fire America’s best belt-fed machine guns. The 1919A4, the M60 Machine Gun, the M249 and the M240.

M-60: 40 rounds
M-1919A4: 40 rounds
M-240: 40 rounds
M-249 SAW: 40 rounds

$375.99 per person.

Cold War: NATO

At Battlefield Vegas you have the chance to fire the actual weapons used by NATO members that were ready at a moments notice to fend off attacks by enemy Warsaw Pact forces . Do you have what it takes to stop the offensive?

British Sterling SMG: 25 rounds
Belgium FN-FAL main battle rifle: 20 rounds
United States M16A1 assault rifle: 25 rounds
West German G3 main battle rifle: 20 rounds

$149.99 per person.

Battle of Iwo Jima Experience:

The Battle of Iwo Jima was a major battle of World War II in which the United States captured the island of Iwo Jima from the Empire of Japan with a force of over 70,000 US Marines. The mission of capturing the three airfields located on Iwo Jima resulted in some of the fiercest fighting in the Pacific Campaign.

Let us bring you back to 1945 and fire authentic weapons that US Marines used during this 35 day invasion in the Pacific.

COLT 1911: 15 rounds
M2 CARBINE: 25 rounds
THOMPSON: 50 rounds

$159.99 per person.

Heavy Strike Package:

For the guest that must take everything they do to the extreme, this is the package for you. The Desert Eagle is the biggest and baddest semi-auto pistol around. If Dirty Harry were still fighting crime he would turn in his “little” .44 magnum for our Smith & Wesson 500. After you shoot the worlds two biggest handguns, you get to lay down fire from the crew serve weapon that’s currently being used by coalition forces to strike fear into the hearts of the Taliban. Known as “Hitlers Buzzsaw”, the MG42 kept allied forces at bay during many battles of WWII. This package is not for the faint of heart!

DESERT EAGLE: 10 rounds
S&W 500: 10 rounds
M-240: 40 rounds
MG-42: 40 rounds

$389.99 per person.

Red Threat Package:

From the ashes of WWII the red threat simmered. The Soviet’s had their sights set on world domination. During this period the world’s most prolific assault rifle was born, and just like the AK-47, the red threat spread across the globe. From the standard issue sidearm, the Makarov pistol, to the deadly accuracy of the Dragunov sniper rifle, come shoot the weapons that spread helped spread fear and terror across the world.

KRINKOV: 50 rounds
RPD: 40 rounds
DRAGUNOV: 10 rounds

$179.99 per person.

Das Blitzkrieg Package

Das Blitzkreig, translated to Lightning War, referenced the fast and hard hitting strategy used by Nazi forces in the opening days of WWII. German aerial, ground forces and paratroopers “blitzed” their way through France and took complete control of the country in under two months. The K98 Mauser and MP40 Sub Machine Gun were the workhorses of the German soldier and the P08 Luger pistol was the prized sidearm of the German officers. We’ll put these authentic weapons in your hands and give you a chance to relive a part of WWII.

LUGER P-08: 15 rounds
MAUSER 98K: 10 rounds
MP40: 50 rounds

$169.99 per person.

Hamburger Hill Experience:

The Battle of Hamburger Hill (Hill 937) was fought in May, 1969 in Vietnam. US and South Vietnam captured this heavily fortified hill from the North Vietnamese during this intense ten day battle. Put yourself in the boots of the US Airborne troops and fire the actual weapons they used during their direct assault to take the hill. Feel the power of a full-auto M-14 rifle!

COLT 1911: 15 rounds
M-14: 20 rounds
M-16A1: 50 rounds

$159.99 per person.

Defending Stalingard Experience:

Among the bloodiest battles in the history of warfare, the Battle of Stalingrad was a major battle of World War II in which Nazi Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad in southwestern Russia. After taking heavy losses during this battle, Nazi Germany never recovered their military strength and attained no further victories in the East making it a major turning point of the war.

TOKAREV: 15 rounds
MOSIN M19/30: 10 rounds
PPSH-41: 50 rounds

$139.99 per person.

Battle of El-Alamein Experience:

The Battle of El-Alamein marked a major turning point in the Western Desert Campaign of World War II. The allied forces led by the UK ended the Axis’, hopes of occupying Egypt by defeating German and Italian troops to take control of the Suez Canal and gaining access to the Middle Eastern and Persian oil fields.

STEN MKII: 50 rounds
ENFIELD MKIII: 10 rounds
BREN MKII: 25 rounds

$169.99 per person.

Cold War: Warsaw Pact:

At Battlefield Vegas you have the chance to fire the actual weapons used by Warsaw Pact members that were ready at a moments notice to steam roll through Western Europe. Do you have what it takes to stop the offensive?

Czech Vz.-61 Scorpion machine pistol: 25 rounds
Hungarian AMD-65 assault rifle: 25 rounds
Czech Vz-58 assault rifle: 25 rounds
Bulgarian PKM light machine gun: 40 rounds

$199.99 per person.

Rising Sun Experience:

As Japan overwhelmed British, American and other Allied troops in the early part of World War II, the hard-working Arisaka rifle, Nambu pistol and Type 96 light machine gun were fighting on the front. The sounds of these weapons struck fear in both military and civilians as they knew the soldiers of Imperial Japanese Army were near.

Nambu Pistol: 5 rounds
Arisaka Rifle: 5 rounds
Type 96 Machinegun: 20 rounds

$199.99 per person.



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